About Us

Martini Tyres is a family-run business that boasts thirty-five years of experience and specialisation. We do not merely aim at profit-making; what matters more to us is the experience we provide to our customers. The experience should be worthwhile in relation to the time and money our customers are investing in the services provided by us. Keeping this in mind, we feature a high-speed and efficient while-you-wait service to ensure that none of your time is wasted and your work is done as soon as possible!

We have a wide range of tyres from new to part-worn, and from budget to performance. Everything is available! If you request a tyre that is out-of-stock, we assure you that we will get the tyre of your choice within 24 hours. Our tyre manufacturers are reputed brands that offer premium tyres with the best quality available. We have tyres from Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Enduro, Accelera, and many more. A wide array of part-worn tyres and budget tyres are also available.

Our first-class services are the best you'll find in the area. Wheel alignment check, wheel balance check, and pressure check are all free. Following that, our technicians will explain to you the problem (if there is any) and provide you with expert advice to help you make aware and rational decisions for your vehicle. We want the investments you make to be worthwhile. So, we focus on converting your investments into a good ride experience.

We can fix something as simple as a puncture repair to something slightly complex as wheel alignment, and all under one roof! All you have to do is drive-in and wait while we do the rest. Our equipment is the best in the area. As a result, we provide the fastest service available. Remember as we repeat - no appointments necessary, expert advice and assistance provided, all you have to do is drive in.

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