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Finding the right performance tyres in Willenhall is essential for comfortable driving and your safety. At Martini Tyre Services, we stock all the popular tyres from leading brands. No matter which size or model you need – we're here to offer you with the broadest choice to pick from. We aim to bring our customers all of the favourite tyre makers at affordable prices.

We also sell tyres online for your convenience. We offer quick delivery service straight to your doorstep on our entire product range. Here are the performance car tyres that we offer.

a. Performance tyres from Continental

You can take your pick from:

  • ContiProContact 3 SSR
  • Extreme Contact DW
  • Sport Contact 6
  • ContiProContact 6 ContiSeal
  • Extreme Contact DWS 06

These tyres sport independent tread blocks separated by criss-cross, high-angle grooves in providing the biting edges needed to deliver dry and wet road surface. Its inboard shoulder blocks effectively disperse water and provide foul-weather traction. Grab these car tyres from Martini Tyre Services at the lowest possible prices.

b. Performance tyres from Goodyear

We have handpicked these tyres for you –

  • Eagle F1 GS EMT
  • Eagle F1 Supercar 3
  • Eagle Ultra Grip WRT
  • Eagle F1 Supercar EMT
  • Eagle Enforcer All Weather
  • Eagle RS-A EMT

These tyres have large shoulder blocks with centre-ribbed ribs and inboard shoulder blocks that improve steering response and handling. These performance tyres in Willenhall feature full-depth sipes which provide sufficient traction and promote long tyre life.

Why come to us?

To help you decide the best tyres for optimum results. We sell car tyres at heavily discounted prices if you purchase them in bulk. At Martini Tyre Services, all our tyre prices are inclusive of VAT, and we guarantee there's no hidden cost hitting your way.

Visit us today and get access to hundreds of models of performance tyres in Willenhall.

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