Tyre Labelling

Vehicular emissions account for 26% of all greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere, overtaking industrial discharge at 25%. A need for regulating vehicular emissions was felt by the European Union to curb the growing environmental discord, primarily caused by the 299 million odd cars in Europe. As a result, they came up with the EU tyre label. It is essentially a rating system that grades a tyre based on specific parameters.

At Martini Tyre Services, we only stock tyres that come with appropriate EU tyre labels. We maintain a healthy range of EU labelled car tyres in Willenhall in all categories. We also take an active approach to spread awareness among our customers regarding this essential feature of tyres.

EU tyre label explained

Every tyre sold within European boundaries since 2012 has to sport the EU tyre label mandatorily. Essentially, this label judges a tyre on three scores:

  • Wet grip: Measured on a scale of A to G, it rates the braking performance of a tyre on wet tarmac. ‘A’ rating is the best of the lot. According to tests, an ‘A’ rated tyre has 15m lesser braking distance than a ‘G’ rated tyre.
  • Noise emission: A three-wave symbol denotes the noise emission levels of a tyre. The exact discharge in decibel is also mentioned alongside.
  • Rolling resistance: The rolling resistance of a tyre determines the fuel efficiency of a car to a large extent. In the EU tyre labelling system, rolling resistance is also rated on a scale of A to G, in descending order.

Buy the best EU rated tyres in Willenhall

It is always advisable to opt for tyres that have above-average EU rating. Any grade above D is considered suitable. These tyres may cost marginally higher, but their superior performance fairly compensates that. In fact, higher rated tyres are more cost-efficient in the long run as they help you save a considerable amount of fuel. The safety factor is an added benefit.

You may purchase such tyres exclusively at Martini Tyre Services. Call us to know more.

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