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Martini Tyre Services in Willenhall specialises in professional and punctual tyre pressure checks. Under-inflation and over-inflation both are common reasons behind many vehicular incidents, including accidents. In case your driving experience has been hampered in recent months due to tyre pressure-related issues, you must immediately contact our facility for proper tyre pressure check in Willenhall.

Our service centre has the latest technology and a professionally competent team of experts who work with a smile. We have multiple service bays, which eradicates any waiting time for our clients.

When do you need a tyre pressure check?

While instances of over-inflation are hardly uncommon, statistics suggest that under-inflation causes more unfortunate incidents. Here are 4 symptoms to look out for.

  1. TPMS alerts: The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System keeps an eye on every aspect of your car’s tyres to keep them in running condition. If the tyre pressure is low, it will emit a warning signal, and the dashboard light will come on.
  2. Reduced fuel economy: When your car is running on under-inflated tyres, you will notice a significant decline in fuel economy. Your car owner’s manual has the rated mileage returns, all of which are measured using adequately inflated tyres. A dip in mileage returns indicates it is time for tyre pressure check in Willenhall.
  3. Heightened stopping distance: You will notice a marked increase in the braking distance when the tyres are low on air pressure. Since under-inflated tyres find it challenging to grip the surface, braking strength is limited.
  4. Manoeuvrability troubles: Lastly, when tyres are low on air, you will have serious difficulty controlling the car. It may swerve from side to side. These circumstances can be strenuous, and you need to pay extra attention to driving.

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Martini Tyre Services specialises in a broad gamut of vehicular services, and we are widely known as the most punctual garage for tyre pressure check in Willenhall. You can call us to book an appointment on 01902 630 308. Alternatively, you can book a slot on our website.

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