Tyres Size

Among the first things that a motorists needs to consider while purchasing a new set of tyres is it size. Tyres come in various sizes, starting from the smaller ones that go on coupes to the relatively larger ones fit for SUVs.

At Martini Tyre Services, we stock tyres in all their different sizes so that our patrons are never out of option. No matter what you drive, you are guaranteed to find an appropriately sized tyre in our collection that would sit perfectly on your vehicle.

Why tyre size matters?

Every vehicle is different in its size, construction, load capacity and a host of other characteristics. The rim diameter also varies from car to car. As such, it is essential that you buy car tyres in Willenhall which exactly matches your vehicle. There are several negative consequences if you do otherwise.

  • If the tyre size doesn’t match with the rim diameter, it will not sit appropriately on the rim bead causing a plethora of problems. It may even detach from the rim altogether on forceful impacts.
  • Improper tyre size will put unnecessary strain on your car’s suspension system. Wheel misalignment will be a likely result.
  • The fuel economy of your car will also go for a toss as the entire assembly will stress the engine unduly.

Knowing tyre size

The recommended tyre size for the particular model of your car shall be printed on your owner’s manual. You will also find it inscribed on the sidewalls of your OEM tyres in Willenhall. It’s an alpha numeric code representing various dimensional properties of a tyre.


  • 225/55 R16
  • 255/70 R18
  • 270/65 R22

Buy tyres that actually fit

Martini Tyre Services is a well-known retailer of quality spare tyres from all the reputed brands in the industry. Visit us today and avail the best car tyres in Willenhall that are a perfect fit for your vehicle.

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