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One of the world’s oldest and most established tyre manufacturers, Bridgestone is a Japanese major which is among the 4 largest players in the industry. Bridgestone car tyres have always been popular in the United Kingdom. If you stay around the principal city of Birmingham, you can visit our facility- Martini Tyre Services- for all the best budget buys.

Bridgestone has bestselling models all across the gamut of tyre varieties and is a force to be reckoned with even after so many years. You can buy season-specific or performance-based Bridgestone tyres in Willenhall from our facility, Martini Tyre Services.

Bridgestone’s offerings

We store almost all of Bridgestone’s major ranges of tyres in Britain. Here is a condensed list of their perennial bestsellers.

For summers

  • Ecopia EP150: Part of their wide-ranging Ecopia range, the EP150 promises to be an environment-friendly alternative to high-speed tyres. With low running noise and better traction, these are excellent tyres for higher speeds.
  • Dueler D684: Bridgestone launched the Dueler range a few years ago, and the D684 is a late entrant. However, these are some of the best Bridgestone car tyres in the UK currently.

For winters

  • Blizzak LM001: Yet again, Bridgestone has managed to garner a substantial portion of the winter tyre market with the LM001, the latest addition to the Blizzak range. It is easily one of the best Bridgestone tyres in Willenhall.
  • Blizzak WS80: The WS80 is relatively old compared to later releases but has its own array of admirers. It has been a longstanding OE-grade replacement for sedans. With a new range of WS80 tyres launched in 2019, their popularity will not wane soon.

Buy Bridgestone tyres in Willenhall

If you are on the lookout for a new set of Bridgestone tyres in Willenhall, contact us today. Call us on 01902 630 308. You can always rely on Martini Tyre Services to provide the best set of new tyres at attractive prices.

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