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Germany is justifiably famous for its cars with brands like Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz. However, German engineering is also renowned for its tyres, as Continental has proven time and again over more than 100 years. Our facility- Martini Tyre Services- is the most eminent retailer of Continental tyres in Willenhall.

Our facility has a team of resident experts who will advise you on which set of wheels will be the best fit for your car. We provide these models to our clients at desirable prices and pass on all attached bells and whistles.

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Birmingham is one of the most important cities in the whole of the United Kingdom. The suburbs, including Water Lane, have also prospered over the years. With a rise in the number of cars sold, the demand for quality tyres has also risen. Thus, we store almost all Bridgestone car tyres in Willenhall.

Here are some of their most noteworthy products.

Continental tyres for summers

  • PremiumContact 6: This is a long-running series of models designed for high-speed vehicles. The latest model has a unique tread design, which seems futuristic. These tyres are also OE-grade replacements for most sedans. We sell this model in bulk too.
  • ContiSportContact 6: This model promises a superior driving experience thanks to better aquaplaning abilities. Continental has factored in ‘vectoring’ in the manufacture of these wheels. You can buy these Continental car tyres in Willenhall from our facility.

Continental’s tyres for winters

Continental was known in the 1960s and 70s for its winter models but trailed other brands for many years until the beginning of the new century. With the WinterContact range launched in the early 2000s, Continental has made huge strides.

  • WinterContact TS860: The TS860 is a new member of this family and has proven its merit on frigid roads with excellent traction and grip. It has become the best choice for motorists who drive at high speeds during winters. From our facility, you can also buy these tyres online.

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