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Martini Tyre Services stocks a wide variety of performance, touring and off-road tyres from Goodyear to suit every need of our customers. Ranked among the world’s biggest tyre manufactures, Goodyear strives to design and develop state-of-the-art tyres that raise the bar of performance standards.

The North American tyre brand, through its constant innovation and racing technology, has brought some of the best tyres in the market. We are proud to showcase the best of Goodyear car tyres in Willenhall.

  • Eagle F1 Supercar G-2

With Eagle F1 Supercar G-2, you can stay in total control while you’re behind the wheel. This high-performance Goodyear tyre houses a unique Grip-Booster tread compound which consists of adhesive resins that increase stickiness. It enables your car to get a better grip on the road surface.

Combined with Active-Braking technology, Eagle F1 Supercar G-2 offers enhanced control and handling with shorter stopping distances while driving on both dry and wet roads. You can also go for other Eagle variants like Asymmetric 2 or Supercar EMT. These Goodyear car tyres in Willenhall are designed for sport coupes and luxury sedans.

  • Eagle GT II

Martini Tyre Services recommends you to go for this all-season tyre in Willenhall for its year-round performance. Using Goodyear’s Active Weather-Reactive technology, it can adapt to all sorts of weather conditions and season change.

Engineered with SmartTRED technology, Eagle GT II uses 3D waffle-blades providing excellent traction in mild snow and mud. You can get this along with other Goodyear tyres online from our official store.

  • Efficient Grip Performance NCT5A

With its A-rated wet-grip performance – the NCT5A has achieved the highest rating under EU regulations. Engineered with WearControl technology – this tyre offers optimum stability and strikes a balance between low-rolling resistance and wet-grip throughout its lifespan.

Why Us?

Martini Tyre Services sells genuine Goodyear car tyres at reasonable prices. You can also enjoy huge discounts if you buy Goodyear tyres in bulk.



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