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Cutting-edge tyres focused on optimising performance, safety and fuel economy – Michelin tyres have come a long way. Ranked at No. 2 spot in 2018 as the world’s largest manufacturer – Michelin develops innovative technologies to make their tyres stand out from the rest.

At Martini Tyre Services, we offer a wide range of affordable Michelin car tyres in Willenhall of different models and specifications.

We offer you Michelin tyres in the following categories.

Performance summer tyres

The unique rubber polyamide compounds of these tyres improve the ride quality and high-speed durability. Mostly, used in sports cars and luxury sedans – these Michelin tyres are designed to balance road-gripping performance, even tread life and fuel efficiency.

Go for –

  • Pilot Exalto PE2
  • Pilot Super Sport ZP
  • Pilot Super Sport
  • Pilot Sport A/S 3+ (W- or Y- speed rated)

You can get these Michelin car tyres in Willenhall from Martini Tyre Services at cheap rates.

Performance winter tyres

These Michelin winter tyres are designed for snow-covered and icy road conditions. The tyres blend a proper responsive handling, excellent ride comfort and wintertime traction by following Michelin's GreenX standard.

Furthermore, the Nano-silica coating on the rubber wicks of water, thus preventing aquaplaning. It also reduces rolling resistance, which reduces a vehicle's fuel consumption and lowers carbon-dioxide emissions in the process.

Take your pick from –

  • Alpin A4 ZP
  • Latitude Alpin LA2
  • Pilot Alpin PA4 N-Spec
  • Pilot Alpin 5 SUV
  • X-Ice Xi3 ZP
  • X-Ice Xi3

You can buy these cheap Michelin tyres in Willenhall from Martini Tyre Services at lowest rates.

Why come to us?

We, at Martini Tyre Services in Willenhall, sell the best of Michelin tyres at prices that are hard to beat. We also sell Michelin tyres online at heavily discounted prices. Contact us now for reservations or any queries you might have.



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