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Nexen is a tyre manufacturing brand that is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It is one of those companies that were established in the aftermath of World-War II. During the 77 years of its working, the brand has established itself as a world leader. The success owes itself to multiple factors that Nexen focused on over the years. It is for us to note and look at the story of a company that started small but now employs over 2000 employees and exports its products to 120 countries around the globe. Nexen believes in making the “Next Century Tyre”.


Nexen divides its history into three terms. The first term reflects a struggle. It was the time between 1942 to 1979 when Korea was brooding, rehabilitating, and realising its dreams. Despite the nationwide crisis, Heung-a tyre industry was established in 1942. By 1956, the Heung-a Tyre Co., Ltd. was successfully producing the vehicle tyre for the first time in Korea. The first term ended with getting listed on the stock market and establishing the foundation of the company.

The second term is the story of hard work and success. It was in 1984 when the company engaged in Mass Production. Also, in 1987, the technology cooperation with Michelin turned out to be a favourable step. The time between 1980 and 1999 consisted of many other technology cooperation initiatives - for example, cooperation with Outch, Japan. During the second term, the company also came up with the V-shaped rotation tyre. This term is marked by expansion and hard work.

The third term marked a global presence, and Nexen became an international player. After the year 2000, the company started focusing on maintaining a healthy management culture. In 2002, Nexen was awarded the prize of transparent accounting. After 2000, the brand has been establishing various plants and institutions, holding large ceremonies, receiving multiple awards, and has an ever increasing boom in export. Not to forget, Nexen works with the best technology.

Product testing

Nexen tyres Willenhall go through a series of tests and checks; these are meant to rigorously examine the product capability and features. For summer tyres, an extensive dry and wet handling test has been designed, whereas, the winter tyres go through the snow and ice handling test. Other than this, according to their type and features, the tyres also go through the dry and wet braking test and hydroplaning test. Other than these, there are standard checks that every tyre has to go through; for example, the NVH test that measures noise and vibration on different surfaces, and the ride test that determines the ride quality in terms of comfort.

It is only after perfect quality control that Nexen tyres Willenhall are offered to you. Martini Tyres puts its trust on the long journey and commitment of Nexen. Visit our workshop to choose from the wide range of Nexen tyres that we offer. You can also use the tyre finder tool that features on our website to select the tyre of your choice.



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