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wheel alignment

Wheel alignment involves monitoring the angle of the wheels with the road surface and one another using specialised equipment. Even the tiniest misalignment can negatively impact your vehicle’s handling and cause uneven tyre wear and suspension damage. Wheel alignment in Willenhall can solve these issues.

Our wheel alignment technique

Our alignment service is arguably the best and most accurate alignment available in the locality. We use laser imaging technology for identifying even the slightest of alignment problems. Four high-resolution cameras give correct alignment measurements from the targets attached to each wheel.

We, at Martini Tyre Services, comply with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation to align all the four wheels with pinpoint accuracy.

When to contact us?

Our in-house experts advise you to check routinely for symptoms that indicate an immediate wheel alignment in Willenhall

  • Uneven and excessive tyre wear
  • Even if you’re driving on a straight road, your car pulls to one side
  • If you notice a crooked steering wheel even if your wheels are in a straight position
  • Unusual vibrations on the vehicle's floorboard and the steering wheel

On such a situation, visit us for a wheel alignment session.

Why us?

We are the only 4 wheel alignment garage in Willenhall to use the state-of-the-art alignment equipment to deliver a quality service every time you drop by at our garage. Moreover, we provide affordable alignment service for your convenience.

When you sign up for a routine alignment service from Martini Tyre Services, you’ll receive a full 4 wheel alignment inspection. It includes measuring 14 primary alignment angles like Toe, Caster, Camber and Thrust line.

Further information

If you opt for a wheel alignment in Willenhall from our garage, the front toe adjustments are included within the price. If any other changes are needed including rear wheel adjustments – then additional charges shall apply.

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